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IE Displays My Web Site's Css Incorrectly


To ensure Firefox is set to use the page's default style: Press the Alt key to temporarily bring up the traditional Firefox menusOn the menu barAt the top of the Firefox You may want to fix this. There should be one starting and one closing HEAD tag on your page. I also added [meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/] to my page.tpl.php and that fixed some residual issues with CSS selectors.

http://csscreator.com/sites/all/modules/smileys/packs/Roving/smile.png Just wanted to clarify what you wrote: "The page looks the same to me in Chrome, Firefox and IE7-9." Did that mean with the problem I described as a gray That said, here are a few common author errors, and workarounds for some browser bugs. And IE9 is very similar to all other browsers, so the code fork is bound to fail. cheers, gary If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.

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Ie11 Css Not Loading

First, Be Sure You're Right Upon encountering a problem, the first impulse is often to wonder if the styles are correctly written. I'll also forward it to Weebly. If you don't find an answer below, look through all articles related to web page display, listed here. If it's an HTML element, it doesn't belong in a stylesheet!

If that happens, please report the problem to Mozilla as follows: Click the menu button , click help and select Submit Feedback.... and Kathryn S. you can check these questions also : How do I get IE9 to use standards compliant mode when developing on localhost? Css Not Working In Ie But Working In Chrome mozilla Ask a question Sign In English Search Home Firefox Fix slowness, crashing, error ...

Why is the Clinton Global Initiative being closed? Internet Explorer Css Not Loading Usually, all you can do about this is either search for workarounds, or abandon your design altogether and try something else. Thanks for writing this article. Neither can the close tag,

Look at the CSS (especially the inner .wsite-button-inner wrapper), as well as the image files to understand how the liquid-width nature of these buttons work. */ /* small */ How To Enable Css In Internet Explorer 11 Thanks for making note of this gotcha. Internet users Ehplorer 6 is fundamental visitors of my site. Fortunately, while we wait for a core fix in Drupal 7, we can use the IE CSS Optimizer module which I wrote specifically to test IE when developing a Drupal theme.

Internet Explorer Css Not Loading

The best fix is to use Chrome or Firefox. Tony Chung (not verified) Thu, 2010/01/28 - 10:25am Permalink Did not know about the 31 Did not know about the 31 sheet limitation and @import problems. Ie11 Css Not Loading It has no place on the Web anymore and is a remnant of old systems lacking logic for rendering RTL text. Internet Explorer Stylesheet Not Loading To reset Zoom setting, for the site, press Ctrl + 0command + 0 and for all sites, see the documentation about the Zoom add-on you use.

Clear all cookies. In the Fonts & Colors section, click Advanced…. It's wrong. Updated theme to utilize the new Additional CSS block in WordPress 4.7. Web Pages Not Displaying Properly Internet Explorer 11

If no food or function is chosen, Toast is the default." BenoitRen Posts: 5926Joined: April 11th, 2004, 10:20 amLocation: Belgium Posted March 27th, 2009, 8:16 am Aha! LoudNoise Moderator Posts: 40048Joined: October 18th, 2007, 1:45 pmLocation: Next door to the west Posted March 26th, 2009, 10:53 am BTW, the page does not have a doctype. So font and element sizes can change slightly between browser versions and OSs. All Rights Reserved. "Thoughts From Eric" is powered by the übercool WordPress.

Use of these types of markup is, by definition, not compatible with other browsers. Internet Explorer Not Displaying Web Pages Correctly You should always supply a DOCTYPE to get any form of consistency between web browsers.IE7? The link tag is a much better option, but it does limit you to 31 stylesheets.

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Use the white-space:nowrap css attribute to ensure that single line headings don't wrap over multiple lines.Correct page encodingThe Symptom:Your page looks garbled in Google Chrome. Yay! Once you enable this module, simply choose the “Partial optimization for theme CSS development” option on admin/settings/performance. Ie11 Css Compatibility I real hate IE!

By comparison, CSS is pretty stable, not to mention a lot easier to learn. Click on "Firefox makes me sad". Jim BarisW (not verified) Thu, 2010/01/07 - 5:05pm Permalink Didn't know this and I also Didn't know this and I also didn't know of the existance of your IE CSS optimizer Strangely, when my website initially opens, even on Safari or TenFourFoxG5, it flashes gray then quickly fills in the white body.

FWIW, an application we require does not work in IE8, so we expect to be using IE7 for the rest of the year.