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The problem is with the websites, not the users. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The card sent with the flowers read: “Thanks for the good times, IE6. imho ie10 is the best browser i used....

Reply Danny Stieben April 27, 2012 at 1:10 am Personally, I agree that any version of IE is a problem. Windows Longhorn build 4051 6.0 SP2 August 25, 2004 Vulnerability patch. Of course, they should only be used when absolutely necessary - don't apply postition:relative to everything for the sake of it. Microsoft United States v.

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What? We lucked out and the first vendor happened to come out with an update that allowed ie8, but that was by chance. All rights reserved.

Hey ho! You're saying, let's cater to old browsers within our main stylesheet. If for example a financials company has a provider who writes code to provide info to other companies and decides to pull thier support for IE6 then surely that is a Ie7 Countdown http://www.semibad.com semibad I see what you mean, and please don't think for a second I'm suggesting dropping site features for a particular browser.

ActiveX support remains in Internet Explorer although access to the "Local Machine Zone" is denied by default since Service Pack 2. Ie6 Countdown Graham B My advice is - only bother with IE6 if your client demands it. No support for transparent PNGs. http://mrdoob.com/lab/javascript/effects/ie6/ The Stunning Elbphilharmonie 01.12.17 So What Exactly Is the Design Industry Anyway?

Retrieved 2010-01-30. ^ a b "IE 6 Countdown". Internet Explorer 6 Download Full Retrieved 2010-03-06. ^ "Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8". There’s also a huge set of pictures in this Flickr album. Whilst I could waffle on all day, the following point must be made: DO NOT use !important to push through browser-specific code.

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June 9, 2004. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/ie6countdown/ PC World. Ie6 Download how many visitors of MakeUseOf.com are still using IE6? Ie6 Emulator Reply Kyle May 1, 2012 at 4:48 am Man, I have no idea how the hell you're using Windows 7 then.

And these are not always documented. hmg.gov.uk. Retrieved 9 February 2010. ^ http://www.browserchoice.eu browserchoice.eu ^ Currie, Brenton (2010-03-04). "Microsoft's European browser ballot now live, Opera benefiting". That is far easier to maintain, rather than putting hacks into the main stylesheet. Ie6 For Windows 7

Retrieved 2006-04-07. ^ "Browser Version Market Share". Reply Gouthaman Karunakaran April 29, 2012 at 9:28 am I think It'll be a great idea if you guys can annoy visitors using IE6 with some kind of a message forcing BBC Online. Ultimately, they end up with large and complex separate CSS files targeting for several different browsers.

Just one other thought that springs to mind and I am playing devils advocate a little here by writing this, if the majority of internet users browse the internet using IE Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Then there is also the added issue (that Dan mentioned) where IE7 fails when the !important hack is used for minimum height in a 100% height situation. Retrieved 2006-04-07. ^ Wheeler, David (November 14, 2005). "Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)?

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If you are using IE of ANY version, you are the problem. February 2010. I find it ironic that when I wanted to continue using DOS and Windows 3.1, everyone told me off and refused to support me because Windows 95 was the wave of Internet Explorer 7 Release Date was 0.2%.IE6's longevity can be attributed to two factors: Windows XP and China's largely-counterfeit love affair with the operating system.Because IE6 was tied to XP from the latter's inception, and because

This bug can be seen in many grade A websites with dropdown navigation. 4. Retrieved 2008-10-05. ^ Koch, Peter-Paul. "Quirks Mode and Strict Mode". and they installed 2000?? Dropdowns rendered in OS level instead of browser for IE6, unstyleable, unhide-able.

All the browsers and validators understand the property even though it’s not required. Smaller businesses in an even smaller niche are even worse off as they simply lack the technical knowledge to even seek out modern alternatives (if any exist), and are too small However, there are still plenty of people out there that don’t know about that, or don’t even care what a browser is. This are the initials of my name and there is a different between initials and links.

The person I am most inclined to agree with is buzzsaw's comment "it also bothers me a great deal that so many developers are interested in serving the 25% with so Chiseler While some of the specific fixes in this article might be useful, the general principle behind this article is terrible. Thus, Internet Explorer and Windows itself would be kept more in sync. The graphic isn't the prettiest thing around, and you'll want to add some actual text to the alt tag.

However, once an ActiveX control runs and is authorized by the user, it can gain all the privileges of the user, instead of being granted limited privileges as Java or JavaScript Retrieved 2008-10-05. ^ Chao, Ingo; Holly Bergevin; Bruno Fassino; John Gallant; Georg Sørtun; Philippe Wittenbergh (June 3, 2006). "Quirks mode in IE 6 and IE 7".