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WinAntiVirus Pro and other pop-ups won't go away

slow computer.pop ups.i need help

url.Adtrgt.com/ Constant POP-UPS in IE . UGHH!

new kind of pop-up started on its own

help! pop-ups after i open my computer

pop ups and PC running slow

popups out of control!

webrebates etc popups trouble

Please help with popups

The popups will not stop

Im getting popups beleave im infected

Other websites "pop up" while surfing

Unsolicited pop-ups

S.O.S. Help please. Errors & Popups-surfsidekick

Random pop-ups on friends computer.

MediaPipe pop up keeps coming back.

pop ups and viruses?

keep getting random pop up ads.

Generic Dropper.au - constant pop-ups

Click Gift Load Virus

Evil Spyware Popup thingy.

Millions of pop ups

Pop Ups Galore - Cant even operate IE

Zedo.com and other random popups drving me insane! Plz help

HELP! Pop-ups

Web browser pop ups

Pop up virus

Pop Ups

Wierd Random Pop Ups

How can I stop pop-ups that won't let you exit the page?

need help about pop ups

New MSN popups every few seconds since 1-2 days

slow computer and lots of pop ups :(

Think point pop ups

Strange pop up keep coming back

Pop-ups please help.

Pop-ups by OIN

persistant pop-ups and audio "congratulations

constant pop ups

Registry Cleaner pop ups

POP UPS - Please support our advertisers

Ultimate defender Constant pop ups

Pop ups when not on internet

Pop up Blocker

amaena.com popups / WinAnti

Suffocating in Pop-ups

HJT Log: Popups stating we need to pay for antivirus service

pop up advertisements and mal/downldr-O

I keep getting this weird pop-up every time I turn on my comp. and after it loads.

Security Blue screen pop up once in a while?

pop ups from AURORA! PLZ HELP ME!

problem with pop ups

Drivecleaner.com pop up No virus or trojan found.

annoying pop up window

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