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Laptop Woes - Multiple Issues


I experienced 3 monitors heavy test for GNOME, my customer did that in front of me, when plugin/plugout randomly several times, it is NOT able to "remember" the configuration (including shell's Then try running the upgrade again. Martin Gräßlin says: 17. But this is the xorg layer. Check This Out

Took me three hours to find this.

Pore Flay August 2, 2015, 1:36 pm Can Windows 10 developers put an expand button right at the side of start menu bar just So I'm not sure your live image solution would prove anything. The Microsoft hotfix will protect against installation of incompatible McAfee product versions; however, this hotfix cannot protect against upgrades to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from nodes already running an incompatible Once I login, then it shows on both screens and I can then logout and back in just fine using the external monitors.

Problems With Windows 10 Upgrade

plugin/plugout outputs several times, much clear if there are more than TWO monitors, is it able to "remember" the configuration? Windows 10 Anniversary Update messed up my PC!Yeah, we know. I'm not happy about that as it "steals" a shortcut, but that's the best we can do in the case that a monopolist dictates a shortcut and hardware vendors follow. Specifically, you must first upgrade the PC instead of performing a clean install, to make sure your old Windows 7 or 8.1 license is recognized as a valid license for the

In the end that's a technical detail only relevant for distributions Johan CB says: 12. We asked the user to run xev and report back what it prints when pressing the key. Of course distributions need to support something newer, so it happened what had to happen. Windows 10 Problems Installing But bugzilla should show some possible candidates.

It basically meant to reconfigure the Plasma user interface every time when changing location. Problems With Windows 10 Internet Connection But sometimes they pick improvements up and no more work-around will be necessary. But the comment (and its parent question) have since been removed—and seemingly for good reason. this VirtualBox) with multiple monitors and then turn them on/off with "xrandr -output VGA-2 -off", then "xrandr -output VGA-2 -auto" and even change VGA-2 to VGA-1 (primary).

knusper2000 says: 12. Windows 10 Problems Installing Updates Check first that you've upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall update (see above, number 2). Let's have a look at the xwininfo of a skype notification: xwininfo: Window id: 0x1000129 "skype"

Absolute upper-left X: 1011
Absolute upper-left Y: 962
Relative upper-left X: 1011
They are expensive, heavy too, but 100% reliable.

Problems With Windows 10 Internet Connection

The issues have nothing to do with our development model. The window is override-redirect. Problems With Windows 10 Upgrade For example, users are able to select personal photos for the lock screen as opposed to the images provided by Microsoft, or turn off tips, tricks, or suggestions as they use Windows 10 Problems And Solutions July 2016 at 12:34 am I know this is the wrong place to post this, but I had to switch back to Unity until this issue gets resolved.

Dear me.

Peter Lunn December 7, 2015, 1:55 pm Why is the Start Menu ALWAYS on the left side of the screen even if your running multiple screens even if you his comment is here About the rest: Thanks for making this clear. when window trying to place himself outside visible screen, and in that case you ignore all hints because you are sure that this application is misbehaving. BullziMarch 14th, 2015, 06:07 PMI have use Dell Precision laptops will good results. Problems With Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft’s still ironing out a lot of bugs, and you may have one or two (or 20) of them. Windows Update forces buggy software on meMicrosoft has made the update process on Windows 10 compulsory. Maybe there is an easy to detect issue that is specific only to inter driver? (I know, it's some kind of hack) Or you could show an message in eg. this contact form It doesn't tell us whether you are using the intel xorg driver or the modesetting driver, etc.

July 2016 at 5:35 pm Glad to hear! Windows 10 Problems 2016 Double-click Configure Automatic Updates in the list, select the Enabled radio button, and in the left-hand box select 2 - Notify for download and notify for install. When you shut the system down, apps and app processes are terminated, but the Windows kernel itself is hibernated to allow for a faster restart.

You could make great use with statistics, like how many crashes are in what component on what distribution, instead of relying on bug reports that aren't user friendly.

Please also add xprop output for the other affected windows. In the worst cases the task bar disappears for days, or that I get a 1cm strip on the top of my laptop screen in all configurations. The Plc KidMarch 14th, 2015, 08:53 AMI have had multiple problems with an HP Probook (Core i5 Windows 7 -64) when utilizing it for plc programming and troubleshooting. Windows 10 Not Working Turn off your AV and firewall, then try installing Win10 again.

rpoetMarch 15th, 2015, 12:58 AMHP's Envy series are great. john says: 14. Regards, Leslie Zhai uniq says: 12. http://resolutemediagroup.com/windows-10/multiple-problems-since-updates.html Ken Fallon says: 28.

Use the blocking mechanisms I've described to keep Microsoft from forcing the AU onto your Win10 PC. Comboboxes/Menus shown on wrong screen A few users reported that the comboboxes and menus of applications show on the wrong screen. You have no Beer. Misp says: 13.

July 2016 at 1:35 am Hello Martin, >A big problem for our software is the quality of Qt’s QScreen implementation on X11. knusper2000 says: 12. Must I sign-in every time?Fed up of typing in an account password every time to turn on your Windows 10 computer? I had to have 1920 x 1080 resolution to support a particular SCADA app that we have in the field, so that drove the choices down and the price up, but

I want to upgrade to the Anniversary Update and can't!We hear you. DwSoFtMarch 14th, 2015, 12:39 PMI went from.acer to Dell and never looked back OkiePCMarch 14th, 2015, 01:03 PMI have a Sony Vaio for personal use and abuse and it is the Really? If this didn't work for you back when Windows 10 launched, try it again now - the tool has been improved.

Skype notification window outside visible are I also got a report about skype notifications being shown outside the visual area or in general on the wrong screen. I looking forward for further discussion.