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Tips Uncheck system startup unnecessary startup programs. The program works in a somewhat odd way -- you rename the program and that tells the program what size the photos should be. LEFT ARROW Display the shortcut menu for the selected item. TAB Carry out the corresponding command. weblink

There are a million websites that explain this. A wrong choice may cost you more money or get you a worse computer. 2 Regularly use CCleaner to clean your computer. Finding Rootkits is apparently a super-hard problem, and so before you recycle the machine, just start over and do a fresh install of Windows XP, which always works. When the Sound or Sounds and Audio Devices dialog box opens, select the Sounds tab, as shown in Figure 6.2. my site

How To Speed Up Windows Xp Professional

If System Restore is not running, you won't be able to restore your computer in the event of a system failure. But the linux is so limited in what you can do with it, i wouldn’t even load it as a dual boot os. Michael Miller shows what you can do to speed up how Windows runs on your PC. A few trojans require removal with a complicated procedure you will find by searching on the web.

Do not defrag solid state drives. 7 Stop unnecessary start-up programs. Second rule, or more of a strategy really, is to search for the program on Yahoo and see what others say about the program and if it is necessary. (There is solved Will it fit in my case? (Need Help, and Quick) solved Need Help Quick Which PC Build! How To Make Windows Xp Faster For Gaming Right-click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select Properties (or press key + key), now go to Advanced tab in new window and click on Settings button in

A very small list Winamp Lite 7Zip XNview Irfan View Opera Defraggler PaintStar ImageBurn and so on Using portable applications you won't overload the windows registry …and the opperating system will Get over yourselves. Type msconfig in RUN and press Enter. http://www.wikihow.com/Speed-up-a-Windows-XP-Computer SHIFT+TAB Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box in a dialog box.

MSFT integrated internet explorer into the operating system. How To Make Xp Faster And Smoother Use a major antivirus vendor, CNET, Bleeping Computer, Major Geeks or other reliable source of information. Still, if you're willing to risk not being able to restore a recalcitrant system to its previous working condition, you can speed up your PC's performance by not having System Restore Upgrade your CPU.

How To Make Windows Xp Run Faster

For the computer savvy, not running antivirus helps a lot, especially on older machines. #86 may make a machine run faster, and be better in the long run, but the learning s1ckzJun 6, 2008, 11:38 AM im so confused check this outi dont know wth just happened wut i should do now? How To Speed Up Windows Xp Professional Msconfig Modifies how your system starts. How To Make Windows Xp Faster And More Efficient Tips Do all the above steps quite often to maintain the speed of your PC.

CCleaner will clean up bad uninstalls; if you have never run it, there are probably 250 registry problems to fix. http://resolutemediagroup.com/windows-xp/windows-7-windows-xp.html Moreover, you may find viruses and trojans here; these malware programs have to automatically start and generally they will be listed in the Hijack This list. Thrashing is bad for your computer and buying RAM (it's not that expensive) is much more worthwhile. 10 Set Priorities. Those are cool. Make Windows Xp Faster And Improve Its Performance

Others saying they can’t find things in vista. That way, you can rebuild the machine if you need to, which is sometimes the only solution (e.g. If hard disk space and memory are at a premium, you can regain some speed by turning off System Restore. http://resolutemediagroup.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-sp1.html Speed up Mozilla Firefox by tweaking the configuration settings and by installing an add-on called FasterFox. 40.

Arrow keys View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. How To Make Windows Xp Boot Faster Who needs it? The more fonts you have installed, the more memory they take, and the slower your system will run.

Image Editing To edit photos for the web, I used to use the free Paint.net.

When the Control Panel opens, double-click System. I'll keep looking out for the companies with thousands of PCs. Other options don't affect the system performance. How To Fast My Pc Windows Xp Adding more RAM to a Windows XP computer helps it boot faster, and since RAM prices are very low these days, adding RAM strength is an easy way to boot faster.

Contrary to what most websites say, you do not need Acrobat to read pdfs; there are at least three other pdf reads, all of which work better than Acrobat. Select the "Adjust for best performance" option, then click OK. 9 Set Page File size. In general, do not bother unless there is a problem which requires adjusting the registry. this content Why?

Wait for a new window to pop up. 2 Look under the "BOOT.INI" tab. THANKS MAN!!!! ALT+TAB Carry out the corresponding command or select the corresponding option in a dialog box. Unchecking them may not cure them; usually antivirus software will find and eliminate them.

The more fonts you delete, the faster your system will run. There are pretty neat tricks, you can do with a regedit ;) and actually most ppl (including "tune-up-tool-authors") dont even know them.